We are a Minnesota based nonprofit organization providing culturally and linguistically specific legal and case management services to victims of human trafficking, sexual assault and abuse.

Civil Society, founded by Linda Miller in 1996, is a vital and unique link in the safety net of legal services for victims of human trafficking, through programs including:

  • Legal Services for sexual assault and human trafficking victims
  • Immigration legal services
  • Court Advocacy/Accompaniment
  • Minnesota Crime Victims Reparation Board (assistance with application)
  • Community education and training
  • Assistance with Orders For Protection (OFP) & Harassment Restraining Orders (HRO)
  • Interpretation and translation services for victims
  • Improvement of federal law as members of ATEST
  • Develop a safety plan to ensure a sense of security
  • Provide legal services for family law
  • More services are available!

Civil Society is proud to be the MN Rescue and Restore Victims of Human Trafficking coalition leader.

Rescue and Restore Coalition List